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” Don’t talk to my friend like that”

” Don’t talk to my friend like that”

July 5, 2021

This month we continue our deep dive into Body Image ( don't worry we are on to greener pastures next month), addiction, moving house, Sorry Day, Pap smears, BMI, Boonie Doon, being KORSative and we say sorry to Kendel.


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Apples and Elephants

Apples and Elephants

June 7, 2021

Lovelies, we are back.

New and improved and ready to rumble.

Krysta, Gab and Beatrice chat about pop-filters, body image, being flat-out aggressive, 24hr Gab/Krysta first contact, radical self love, reno life, cats, lockdown flashbacks, Queen Brene and weaponised media.




October 19, 2020

This week we chat about cocktails, pets post lockdown, waiting for the green light from Dan, Huntsman's at play, the weekly Taco limit?, dream boat Tucci, The Dictionary of lost words, Sherlock Bones, Koalas, Gary Kemp, big blooms and Bea chews reals Crocs.


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New Towels. An exploration of my current situation.

New Towels. An exploration of my current situation.

October 13, 2020

This week we continue our special on how to help our little ( and not so little) people navigate a return to school. We also chat John Cusack, Hidden Brain, Caramel Hedgehog slice, new towels ( I know....but cut us some slack we are still in lockdown. Let us celebrate the little things), spooky friend photos, crochet completed and the Halo Effect/Error.


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Parenting like a used fish-net stocking.

Parenting like a used fish-net stocking.

October 5, 2020

Hello all. We are so happy to be back. 

This week we chat about Hug buttons, My year in Mensa, nipple inverting water, navigating the return to our post-lockdown world, rhurbarb and stawberry jam, insomnia, John Cena, DES, Criminal UK and sunburn.


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The accidental AM radio special

The accidental AM radio special

September 21, 2020

Note : It's school holidays here in Victoria, so Bea and I are taking a few weeks off. We will be back with a new episode on Monday 5th of October.


This week we had recording and editing problems. So if you like the sound of AM radio, you are in for a treat. We chat Fruit slice, playgrounds are back, kaleidoscope of water bottles, how to have confronting conversations, the Root of Evil podcast, Glennon Doyle, sleeping with my credit card, Amazon Prime, pirate King Parrots and questionable Adele impressions.

If anything in this podcast has left you feeling troubled or more at risk please call:

Lifeline 13 11 14 

or the equivalent Helpline in your country.


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Check out Untameded


 The Hodel family podcast :

Want to know more about our fly-in couple

I'll put a photo of the fruit slice and the recipe on our instagram


Trigger Warning: We talk about suicide, R U OK? and hurtful comments
Come on down …Psychopaths and Narcissits!
The “rolling boil” of Stormy Andrews

The “rolling boil” of Stormy Andrews

August 31, 2020

We chat about fawning, Jesus shaped oil stains, water contamination, sour cream cake, Icelandic screaming, not so free supermarket cookbooks, continued lockdown, Yellowstone and the podcast This is actually happening.


Need sour cream cake? Get the recipe here

Icelandic " Let it out" campaign

Aussie made click furniture with Stagekings


The info I used to put this podacst together is from the following:'t%20Talk%20About&text=Whether%20we%20realize%20it%20or,%E2%80%94%20fight%2C%20flight%20and%20freeze.&text=Think%20of%20the%20person%20who,the%20slightest%20provocation%20(fight).

Lions and Tigers and Bears…Oh my!

Lions and Tigers and Bears…Oh my!

August 24, 2020

This week we chat 70's mustard-coloured fryers, Orange tea cake, Nero, Adriana Xenides, The Wizard of Oz, Frances Ethel Gumm, Break-up Bessemer, rekindled friendships, Reply-all and the ever present Fight-Flight-Freeze and Fawn.


Oh Dear..Not Woolworths but Coles excellent Banana bread recipe

The quick and never fail Orange Tea cake recipe


Listen to Reply-all here


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